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Bill O’Reilly’s Poll misfire

On July 28th Bill O Reily and his fox news team posted the question on their online poll: “Do you favor the legalization of marijuana?” with the options of: Yes, It Should be legal, like alcohol or No, Dangerous idea with many unintended consequences.
O’Reily had blasted the Cannabis Legalization issue the previous Monday night so perhaps the intention of the poll was to help quantify that opinon.
This would have worked, if it weren’t the actual large amount of people that believe in legalization. The poll began at 81% with the answer of No. Then the internet and friends at NORML caught wind and supporters helped turn around the poll to 70% for and 30% opposed in 20 minutes.
The poll finally held steady at a 90%-10% lead. The current poll on O'Reilys fox news team website is a newer poll released on the 29th. The new poll with a similar title about legalization. At the time of writing this article the results are 72%-28% across the board roughly. The July 28th poll has been taken off. hmmm..