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Medical Marijuana News

Congratulations Alaska!

On November 4th 2014 The state of Alaska joined the group of forward thinking predecessor states (Colorado and Washington) to legalize the use of marijuana for people ages 21 and over. Alaska’s law would tax and regulate the production, sale and use Read Complete Article

Florida is down, but not yet out.

On November 5th 2014, thousands of Floridian Medical Marijuana Supporters were down about the news as Florida’s Amendment 2 unfortunately did not pass, lacking the 60% supermajority needed to make amendments to the constitution. However supporters o Read Complete Article

3 More Legal States!

Yesterday on Nov 4th, Alaska, Oregon and Washington DC all passed the legalization of marijuana for recreational use! Although it is too early to blow marijuana smoke into the authorities' faces, this is a big push toward total legalization. Over t Read Complete Article

Bill O’Reilly’s Poll misfire

On July 28th Bill O Reily and his fox news team posted the question on their online poll: “Do you favor the legalization of marijuana?” with the options of: Yes, It Should be legal, like alcohol or No, Dangerous idea with many unintended consequences Read Complete Article

Canabis Cup Seattle 2014 less than month away!

The High Times US Canabis Cup will be returning to Seattle for their 3rd event this year September 6-7 2014. This will be the 18th Cup that High Times has hosted in America. This year’s cup with take place at the Comcast Arena in Everett, Washingto Read Complete Article

Florida Doctors' Association Opposes Medical Marijuana Amendment

The Florida Medical Association has officially come out this week against the states upcoming medical marijuana Amendment 2 to be voted on in November. The association which represents more than 20,000 physicians is raising concerns over Florida’s a Read Complete Article

Florida voters back medical marijuana 9 to 1, poll finds

If the latest poll from Quinnipiac University is accurate, there is a strong chance that Florida will join the progressive list of states that have legalized medical marijuana. The Washington Post analyzes the results of the poll on their online art Read Complete Article

Cannabis in the United States

The use, sale and possession of cannabis (marijuana) in the United States is still illegal under federal law. However, some states have created exemptions for medical cannabis use, as well as decriminalized non-medical cannabis use. In two state Read Complete Article

Cannabis in the United States, Legality by State

20 US states and the District of Columbia have passed laws allowing some degree of medical use of marijuana, and 14 states have taken steps to decriminalize it to some degree. This movement sought to make simple possession of cannabis punishable b Read Complete Article