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Semaj Health And Wellness - Weed Doctor in Cranston, Rhode Island

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Semaj Health And Wellness
940 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910 // Add Phone No
(844) 933-3638
11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
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Listed On: March 16th, 2020
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To provide cost effective quality health care alternatives, health alternatives that enhance the lives of individuals by providing therapies that optimize the health of the body and the mind.

About Us
Created in 2018 with the vision of intergrating therapies with tradition medicine. We offer services such as in person medical marijuana recommendations for patients with qualifying conditions in the state of Rhode Island and telemedicine medical marijuana recommendations in the state of New York. in the Rhode Island office we offer Cannabidiol (CBD) massages for pain management, anxiety and stress reduction, Comestic Botox and Intravenous (IV) drip therapy for Replenishment of vitamins directly into the body which can help target deficiencies that cause insomnia, fatigue and can aid in weight-loss.

Telemedicine New York-

Service provided by Dr. Tasia Henderson, APRN,DNP. She certifies patients via simple practice telemedicine portal with New York state qualifying conditions.

First-Time Patients
Initial Certification: $200

Renewals: $150

Veteran's discount $50 ***must provide proof***

CBD Massages

IV DRIP therapy for weighloss; weightgain; Insomnia; Hydration;
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