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Champlain Valley Dispensary - Weed Dispensary in Burlington, Vermont

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Champlain Valley Dispensary
1 Steele St Unit 124 & 125, Burlington, VT 05401 // Add Phone No
(844) 933-3638
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Listed On: February 16th, 2020
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More info Full stick of Cabot unsalted butter and Indica cannabis extract
NYC Diesel
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More info NYC Diesel is a pungent sativa hybrid that accentuates the Afghani/Hawaiian lineage of Sour Diesel. Its aromatic properties suggest grapefruit, lime and gasoline. The medical qualities of NYC Diesel are well-rounded. For many, it is effective for pain management but does not leave the user feeling fatigued or sedated. Like other THC-rich strains, NYC Diesel may be useful for appetite stimulation and reducing nausea.
Exodus Cheese
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More info Exodus Cheese personifies the desirable qualities of Skunk, one of the first indica-dominant strains grown in Europe. Its dense buds, perfectly representative of indica hybrids, have a berry-like aroma. For many clients, Exodus Cheese is a flexible and effective choice for pain relief throughout the day and into the evening. Those who lack an appetite and experience nausea may find this strain to be an essential component of their herbal apothecary.
Sour Kush
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More info Sour Kush unites two famous cannabis strains: Sour Diesel and OG Kush. The aromatic properties of Sour Kush are a testament to its diverse heritage. While deep and earthy, top notes of petrol and flowers punctuate the senses. Patients who experience relief with moderate to high-THC strains for depression, pain, nausea and appetite stimulation may find Sour Kush to be a well-balanced choice
Kali Mist
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More info Kali Mist is a delightfully spicy, well-regarded sativa that has won several Cannabis Cups. Its parent strains have never been revealed. Kali Mist is associated with cerebral effects, appetite stimulation and reduced nausea, but may also be pertinent for specific types of pain, including PMS and fibromyalgia. Relief from anxiety, migraines and depression have also been reported.
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More info Dancehall is colorful, award-winning strain developed in Spain. Its ancestry includes Sour Diesel, Afghani and Purple Thai. Named after a particularly upbeat subgenre of reggae, Dancehall is appropriate for day time medical use. Its delicate, perfume-like aroma holds notes of citrus, incense and mossy woodlands. Dancehall may relieve symptoms of depression, pain, nausea and lack of appetite
Snow Drop
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More info Snow Drop is a cross of G13 and Northern Lights. Its medicinal qualities make Snow Drop a staple for patients seeking the pain-relieving benefits of indica dominant strains while its resinous buds personify the attributes of a true hash plant. Snow Drop’s aroma has been likened to strawberry shortcake
Cherry Pie
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More info Cherry Pie is a wonderfully aromatic and colorful indica-dominant hybrid. A cross of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison, its buds are strongly scented of cherry, lemon and sweets. Medicinally, Cherry Pie has been reported as effective for pain relief without inducing unwanted sedation. Cherry Pie may be used for appetite stimulation, nausea reduction and to support a healthy mood.
CBD Sweet 'n' Sour Widow
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More info 1:1 ratio CBD:THC: CBD Sweet ’n’ Sour Widow is a CBD-enriched Brazilian sativa/South Indian hybrid developed in Switzerland. The increased ratio of non-psychoactive cannabidiol in this sativa-dominant strain was achieved by breeding, stabilizing and testing the influence of Cannatonic, a plant notable for its CBD content. Clients report decreased amounts of pain, anxiety and inflammation
CBD Critical Mass
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More info 1:1 ratio CBD:THC: CBD Critical Mass is a CBD-enriched Afghani/Skunk cross developed in Switzerland. The increased ratio of non-psychoactive cannabidiol in this indica-dominant strain was achieved by breeding, stabilizing and testing the influence of Cannatonic, a plant notable for its CBD content. Clients report decreased amounts of pain, anxiety and inflammation after consistent use of CBD-rich products. CBD may improve sleep quality, migraines and spasmodic conditions. The aromatic profile of CBD Critical Mass has been likened to grapes, cheese and bread.


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About Us
Champlain Valley Dispensary is a Burlington Medical Marijuana Dispensary Champlain Valley Dispensary is a nonprofit organization that applies traditional Vermont artisan skills to the rapidly growing medical marijuana industry. They are solely committed to finding the best medical cannabis products to alleviate any discomforts for their medical marijuana patient community in Burlington. History In 2012, Champlain Valley Dispensary was awarded the first license in Burlington to open a dispensary after the passing of the Vermont Marijuana for Symptom Relief Act in June 2011. Facing many hurdles, this Burlington dispensary uses the federal limitations to their advantage creating an organization within in the community raising money to create a program where medical marijuana patients can feel safe and find their medical cannabis products. Fully compliant with Senate Bill 76, Champlain proudly serves medical cannabis to medical marijuana patients in the surrounding Burlington communities. Staff The Burlington medical cannabis staff at Champlain Valley Dispensary is specially trained to offer recommendations to medical marijuana patients on medical cannabis products. They take pride themselves on customer service and are proud to have every patient leave completely satisfied. Champlain Valley Dispensary emphasizes the importance of communal support, without the strong community, this dispensary would not be able to continue to aid medical marijuana patients in Burlington. Menu Champlain Valley Dispensary carries a variety of lab-tested medical cannabis menu options. They carry strains like Snow Cap, Cherry Pie, NYC Diesel, and VPA’s AK-47 and are all cultivated in-house at their Chittenden County facility combining science with precise Vermont craftsmanship. They also carry extracts available in Bubble Hash, CBD Bubble Hash, and indica and sativa shatter. Champlain Valley Dispensary is fully stocked with edibles include maple lozenge offered in both THC and CBD, dark chocolate truffles, brownies, sea salt caramels, cheese snack, coconut oil, cookies, also available in gluten and sugar-free option, tea, coffee, and Thai Tea. Along with their vast menu selection, they also carry tinctures, sprays, anti-inflammatory salve, patches available in Indica, Sativa, CBN, and CBD, indica, sativa, and CBD pre-rolls, seeds, and clones. Medical marijuana patients can place their orders online, request delivery, or make an appointment; they accept both cash and debit cards and offer financial assistance for medical marijuana patients with a 3SquaresVT qualification. Service Location Champlain Valley Dispensary, Burlington is located on the corner of Main next to the Vermont International Film Foundation. This dispensary proudly serves medical cannabis products to medical marijuana patients throughout Burlington and the surrounding Winooski, South Burlington, Williston, and Waterbury communities. Location Information Burlington is the largest city in Vermont, located 45 miles south of the Canada-United States border and 94 miles south of Montreal it is the least populous city to be the most populous within a state. The finest crafted Burton Snowboards are masterfully designed with precision allowing riders of all skill levels to gracefully glide through the beautiful Equinox Mountains, Killington Peak, or the many other breathtaking mountains. The Vermont Teddy Company located in Shelburne is a magical experience catering to both kids and adults; visitors here can tour the building and experience first hand how these adorable teddy bears are made. Continuing to serve the Burlington area, Champlain Valley Dispensary offers the highest quality medical cannabis products and is here to provide compassionate care for their medical marijuana patients.
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