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The Hybrid Room - Weed Delivery Center in Oakland, California

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The Hybrid Room
, Oakland, CA 94612
(844) 933-3638
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Listed On: January 25th, 2020
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Blue Lemondaze
1/8 $56.00
More info
More info Tropicana Cookies x Lemonade x Orangtree
Pacific Stone | 805 Glue Hybrid (7g)
1/4 $35.00
More info
More info We keep it live in the 805. This South Coast original features citrus flavors that deliver a that famous Santa Barbara daily chill.
Gelato 41 - Indoor
1/8 $70.00
More info
More info A power house strain with its parents being Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies
Biscotti x Gushers - Indoor
1/8 $70.00
More info
More info This hybrid cross mixes our famous Biscotti strain with our original Gushers. You're going to get a beautiful fruity and gassy scent over all with a hint of coffee cake and a helluvah high.
Planet Dosi - Indoor
1/8 $70.00
More info
More info This monster of a strain was the winner out of the 100+ phenos we popped for this. Parents are Dosidos x Gelato 41
Mai Tai
1/8 $56.00
More info
More info Mai Tai’s are synonymous with summer. Mai Tai offers a good mix of uplifting cerebral and body effects, along with a hint of relaxation. Users immediately feel an urge to be active, suddenly struck by physical/cerebral energy, focus and clarity. Meanwhile, the strain provides a mellow – but not overwhelming – body relaxation, while also triggering a flow of creative thoughts.Mai Tai is a good option during times when consumers need an extra boost of productivity and simultaneous stress relief.Users typically consume Mai Tai during the day and as a “wake-and-bake” strain.
Orange Krush
1/8 $30.00
More info
More info DAYTIME (California Orange x Blueberry) THC: 19.26% | CBD: .09% | CB’s: 23.16% Flavors: Orange peel, sweet citrus.
Ice Cream Cake
1/8 $30.00
More info
More info NIGHTTIME (Wedding Cake x Gelato 33) THC: 20.04% | CBD: .10% | CB’s: 24.26% Flavors: Sweet, fuel, vanilla and berry.
Biscotti - Indoor
1/8 $70.00
More info
More info Connected Cannabis Co. proudly presents its Biscotti cultivar, a Hybrid flower that sports a wonderful combination of euphoria and sedation. This stuff goes strong in the mind and body. Hailing from the world-renowned Girl Scout Cookies cultivar, this flower pleases every sense; from its gorgeously dense nugs to its fruit-infused clouds of spiced earth, Biscotti is a cannabis connoisseur's choice.
Gelonade - Indoor
1/8 $70.00
More info
More info Winning 1st place in Cannabis Cup's Best Sativa flower, the judges raved of its tangy, floral and gassy scent and citrus, floral, and soapy taste. "It was strong and stoney!" If you love the energy boost you get from sativas, this one will be your new favorite! Strain cross: LemonTree x Gelato 41


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*All 2020 CA excise taxes included in menu price

* For fastest delivery, please use our easy online ordering system www.thehybridroom.com

*Last orders must be in 1 hour before closing

* Expect longer wait times between 3-7 pm during weekdays 10% off all seniors, vets and new customers.


First-Time Customers 10% of all new customers, seniors, and veterans.

State License Adult-Use Nonstorefront: C9-0000161-LIC Medical Nonstorefront: C9-0000161-LIC

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12:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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