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MCEC - Weed Delivery in Big Bear Lake, California

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, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
(844) 933-3638
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Listed On: December 26th, 2019
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Made From Dirt: Peppermint Pain Salve 1:1
EACH $31.00
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More info 50mg CBD 50mg THC Great for sore muscles, arthritis, joint pain, headaches, and back/neck pain. Every single ingredient in this salve helps with pain relief, including the beeswax. Tamanu Oil helps the ingredients and cannabis penetrate into three layers of your skin for deep penetrating relief.
EACH $45.00
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More info This potent, lightweight emulsion is concentrated with carefully selected phytonutrients that hydrate—not irritate—the fragile skin around your eyes, lips, and neck. Starting with a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC from clean, full-spectrum cannabis, we add caffeine and then blend with organic calendula, rosemary, avocado oil, shea butter, squalane, vitamin E, rose hydrosol, and exotic essential oils. The result is a velvety, decadent cream that your luminous skin will thank you for. Like cannabis, caffeine is a fabulous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that fights skin-damaging free radicals, plus it boosts circulation (just like when we drink it), which is where the tightening and de-puffing action comes in.
EACH $39.00
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More info We formulated this pain-relieving salve to calm itchy, dry, irritated skin and to alleviate aching muscles and joints. Pure anti-inflammatory cannabis extracts are paired with traditional soothing herbal remedies chamomile, comfrey, calendula and lavender. And — thanks to feedback from you — we now make our massage oil with both THC and CBD in a 3:1 ratio, and in a shareable pump-bottle that's more than twice the size. Fans of our cannabis massage oil tell us they use it for relief from everything from post-workout stiffness and arthritis pain to itching, mosquito bites, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, chafed skin and even minor burns.
EACH $15.00
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More info Vaginal Suppositories Specifically formulated for relief from menstrual & pelvic discomfort, Foria Relief delivers the soothing benefits of full-spectrum cannabis directly to the area that needs it most — typically with little or no psychoactive effects. Crafted from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards Topically & locally delivers 60mg THC / 10mg CBD 100% organic-certified cocoa butter suppositories Independently-tested for purity: free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins 1 suppositories per bag
EACH $61.00
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More info Oh YES! Latex-Safe Serum is a fast-acting, cannabis-infused serum designed to increase natural lubrication and enhance sensation.
EACH $9.00
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More info THC AROUSAL LUBRICANT: Foria Pleasure is a therapeutic oil designed to enhance female pleasure and is made with all-natural liquid coconut oil (MCT) and purified pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. For more questions, please visit: https://foriapleasure.com/pages/faq-support.
EACH $15.00
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More info Rectal Suppositories Our rectal suppository can be used to ease and enhance erotic play, or as a soothing balm for local discomfort and inflammation — typically with little or no psychoactive effects. Crafted from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards 30mg THC / 20mg CBD In 100% Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Independently tested for purity: free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins 1 servings per bag
EACH $49.95
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More info Night Moves Intimate Oil is a cannabis-infused oil designed to intensify sensation and increase libido while serving as a proactive vaginal health supplement.
One Drop Advantage
EACH $25.00
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More info What One Drop Advantage® is: One Drop Advantage® is a highly effective transdermal cannabinoid formulation for the treatment of inflammation-based pain. It is made using a highly innovative method to reformat cannabinoid distillates into stable nanoparticles, without the use of harsh chemicals or potentially toxic solvents. These nanoparticles are highly compatible with body chemistry thereby, enhancing the bioavailability / potency of cannabinoids. Additionally, these nanoparticles are activated by body temperature and once activated, rapidly enter the skin. Combined, this means rapid and sustained relief is had with very low doses of cannabinoids, avoiding psychoactive effects. Users have been pleasantly surprised by the degree of relief One Drop Advantage® brings, how rapidly it works, and the longevity of its effects. Typical users experience results within 5 minutes of application, with some experiencing initial effects in a matter of seconds. Pain relief has been observed to lasts from 6 hours to over 1 week from a single dose. What One Drop Advantage® does: One Drop Advantage® has been observed to most consistently reduce inflammation-based pain (arthritis and migraine) so pain relief from One Drop Advantage® stems from the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabinoids, as reported by F.J. Evans from Department of Pharmacognosy, School of Pharmacy, University of London, U.K. This property of cannabinoids combined with Dr. Oda’s innovative transdermal nanoparticles, rapidly delivers anti-inflammatory treatment to sites of pain. For those suffering from inflammation-based conditions, this translates into rapid and sustained relief. What One Drop Advantage® isn’t:Because the nanoparticle formulation of cannabinoids in One Drop Advantage® enhances the potency of cannabinoids, the effective dose is much lower than traditional transdermal cannabinoid formulas. Furthermore, the reformatting of cannabinoids into nanoparticles makes the cannabinoids more compatible with water. As a result, One Drop Advantage® has no strong cannabis odor or resin-like / oily feeling, something typically associated with most topical cannabinoid formulations. In seconds after applying One Drop Advantage®, it is absorbed into the skin, leaving no residual smell or tacky residue. Because it is composed of simple ingredients using advanced nanotechnology processes rather than complex chemical modifications using less sophisticated processes, One Drop Advantage® does not contain harsh chemicals or solvents. Its pH and salinity is identical to the body’s so very safe for repeated use.
EACH $81.00
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More info Natural Arousal Lube with THC Formulated specifically for women, Pleasure enhances tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. Clients report enhanced access to orgasm and deeper orgasms. Sourced from sun-grown cannabis cultivated to organic standards Delivered in 100% organic-certified coconut MCT oil 30-50 servings per bottle Independently-tested for purity: free of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other toxins


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PEACE OF MIND & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you aren't completely satisfied with your medication, we WILL make sure you are! MCEC is a LEGAL Medical Cannabis Delivery Service based in Southern California. We have one of the largest selections of compliant, lab tested and pesticide free Medical Cannabis Products delivered to you! Delivery fee to Big Bear / Lucerne and surrounding areas: $7.95 All orders depart daily at 5pm for Big Bear, Crestline, Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead. Orders must be in by 4:30pm for same day delivery otherwise the delivery will occur the following day. We will be adding more times to this region soon so check back! All Excise Taxes are included in all our prices. County & City Sales Tax not included First Time Members are accepted from 9am to 6pm. Medical Recommendation is required to order.

About Us

WHERE DO WE DELIVER? MCEC offers same-day and scheduled deliveries to most cities in San Bernardino, Riverside, LA, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Delivery times vary based on time of day, traffic and order volume. All deliveries depart from North SB County and our driver will contact you with an eta as soon as he/she departs our fulfillment center. Scheduled deliveries are also available so please contact us to schedule a specific time to accept your medication. Our delivery regions continue to expand so please check our website to see if/when your area is available.

WHO WE ARE MCEC is proud to be the first and largest state-sanctioned, non-storefront medical cannabis delivery service based in SB County. We transport medical cannabis, edibles, concentrates, and cannabis-related products to legally registered patients in California. We are one of the most recognized medical cannabis companies in the region and pioneered the on-demand delivery service model. MCEC patients have the option of ordering via call-center, website, and mobile app while tracking orders using real-time GPS. Our reputation and footprint continues to grow by adhering to the following fundamental business practices: Provide best of breed products, create an exceptional customer experience and make a positive impact in all the communities that we serve. Today, MCEC is considered one of the most dominant and trusted on-demand cannabis delivery services in Southern California. Amenities First-Time Patients 20% off your first two orders of $75 or more. Cannot combine/stack ANY offers or discounts.


Why Do I Still Need A Medical Recommendation? MCEC is sanctioned by California as MEDICAL ONLY. Therefore, all orders originating from our facility requires a Medical Rec (which helps you avoid paying EXCISE & CULTIVATION TAXES that can total up to 25%.)

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